Trust Service

Bank SinoPac offers various trust and asset management services for individual and institutional clients.

Since the founding of the Trust Division in 1993, Bank SinoPac has managed the corporate pension funds and employee stock ownership trusts for more than 40 enterprises.

In addition, we also act as the custodian agent for a number of investment trust funds and asset management companies in Taiwan and overseas.

Bank SinoPac customizes service packages to meet individual client needs in custodian services. Individualized contracts with clients for the management or custodian service of properties can be made directly with the clients. We plan to unveil additional services in the future as part of our continuous pursuit to provide better asset management services for our clients.

Bank SinoPac offers the following trust services:
Discretionary Portfolio Management Employee Stock Ownership Trust Corporate Pension Fund Corporate Bond Trust Service
Securities Certifying Service Custodian Service for Foreign Investors Monetary Trust Business Securities Trust Business